Friday¡ 14 May 2021
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Basic analysis of components and brand logo National Development Fund

According to the philosophy of the National Development Fund to become viable and productive part of the revenues from oil and gas wealth, a symbol, a symbol of dark-colored drops of oil and gas condensate Producer selected as the core of the project considered These components are combined together and form a complete directional wheels (the arrows in four directions) Development of a concept with deep foresight will emerge that suggest the use of proceeds from the sale of Oil and Gas (Central Tarh the layers droplets ) for the all-round development and increasing economic wealth (forms rotating center as a symbol of wealth and arrows four sides of the coin shows the development) is.



The exterior design that combines octagonal layout with curved sides is equal, balanced and sustainable development of the concept of expressive dynamics, development, mobility, and productivity investments generating economic prosperity.
Combining arabesque curves in Figure Krvyba follow a logical harmony, generating an investment fund national development around the world so that the independence of the external funds, the fund implies consistent and comprehensive. In addition to the comprehensive and strict discipline of geometry, based on the movement of funds to preserve and protect the assets and financial resources and stress the economy stabilizes and promote national production and preservation of future generations of oil and gas resources is a reminder homeland Islam
Dark color of the outer part of the meaning of value added petroleum products represents the concept of reliability and comfort perspective and cyan colors represent the breadth of vision and clarity of the Fund and the Fund's performance and that of these two color schemes of the main symbols of Persian and Islamic, and the action Fund based on Islamic patterns - Iran insists progress

National Development Fund typography with graphic lines Nstlyqjz’ logo as a symbol of Iranian funds and represents the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran's National Development Fund





To use logo National Development Fund, with good quality and save transparent background pictures below

آرم صندوق توسعه ملی                   National Development Fund of Iran