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2012/04/07 - 12:21
INDF funds allocated to investment in foreign financial, monetary markets

A member of Iran’s National Development Fund’s Board of Directors said facilities will be given to investors who want to invest in foreign financial and monetary markets as well as foreign investors.


Mahmoud Dodangeh said such facilities will be provided based on proper economic output under competitive conditions, INDF Public Relations reported.


He added that the fund’s resources will be spent as per rules and regulations on various investment and business opportunities presented by “the private sector, cooperatives and businesses related to non-governmental public institutes which provide a technically-, financially- and economically- justifiable proposal for development and investment”.


Dodangeh also said Iranian private companies and cooperatives which want to export technical and engineering goods and services and win international tenders will be also given facilities.


“Resources are also available to foreign buyers of Iranian goods and services,” he said, the resources will be in the form of foreign currency.


He noted that the government has not been allowed to use the funds of INDF in any form.

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