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2016/03/07 - 04:47
NDFI Chairman of Board of Executive Directors
We are ready for mutual investment with world Sovereign Wealth Funds

According to Public Relations of NDFI, in joint meeting with the executives and senior managers of Baiterek, Kazakhstan National Management Holding, in Iran, Dr. Seyed Safdar Hosseini said: ' National Development Fund is investigating its attendance in international markets and also starting a new chapter in international cooperations. We have plans for starting bilateral or mutual cooperation with world Sovereign Wealth Funds in order to participate in private sector's projects.

Following the meeting, Kuandyk V. Bishimbyev, chief executive officer of Baiterek, welcomed this proposal and declared that Baiterek is ready to establish a joint venture entity in order to support private sector's investments in both country, Iran and Kazakhstan or third country and asked for signing a Memorandum of Understanding with National Development Fund and organizing a team work to survey two sides' proposed projects.

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