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Saturday 12 March 2016
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bilateral talks between Iran and Italy to form an investment fund of  2 billion $
At the Meeting of the Heads of Sovereign Wealth Funds initiated:

bilateral talks between Iran and Italy to form an investment fund of 2 billion $

During the visit of the managing director of the Sovereign Wealth Funds of Italy to the Iran's National Development Fund (NDF), the two sides negotiated on a 2 billion USD fund joint investment.

According to Public Relations of NDFI; During the visit by the Maurizio Tamagnini, the managing director of the FSI, Dr. Safdar Hosseini, referring to the openings made in direction of the development of the NDF’ activities said: “In the Sixth Development Plan, the NDF, while being safe and protected from the pressure of the common and budget laws, all its legal and legislative challenges have been removed and its resource management has become more independent than all time of its activities.”

Elsewhere in his remarks the chairman of the managing board of the NDF added: “with rising of the shares of the NDF from the resources resulting from the petroleum, gas and their by-products  to over 30% and the beginning of the process of the lifting of the unfair economic sanctions against Iran, the ground has been entirely prepared for development of the international activities of the fund.

The chief of the fund said: “the NDF will endeavor in the new era of its activity to become more active in the foreign investment and to make the resources more leverage-based.

Referring to the background of the economic cooperation of the two countries he continued:” the NDF is fully prepared to form partnerships with the Italian financial entities and authorities in financing the projects of the private sector in Iran, and cooperate in the joint investment schemes in the two countries.

He continued to introduce the lucrative investment projects of Iran for the investment of the Italian authorities  and said: “ there are a number of luring projects in the oil and gas, rail transportation infrastructure and greenhouse products sectors to which the NDF can play the pivotal role in financing them through the Italian entities.”

During the meeting, Maurizio Tamagnini, the managing director of the Strategic Fund of Italy (FSI) expressed his gratitude for the role the NDF is playing in development of the Iran-Italy economic ties said: “ the FSI’s plan to expand collaboration with the Iranian side narrows down in three pivots of which the first is the joint investment with the Italian investors, the second is to endeavor to find partners for the incoming Italian investment firms as well as offering the lucrative investment ideas and the third is inviting the NDF to invest in a joint investment fund worth of 2 billion USD.”

The FSI managing director further added: “ at present, the accredited and international companies of his country are ready to invest in the banking services, petroleum downstream industries development and modernization of the agriculture sector of Iran. “

Tamagnini reiterated that : “ as we are nearing the date of the visit of the Italian premiere to Tehran, our priority is the international fund investment scheme with participation of all the world’s national wealth funds for which we hope the final project be finalized during the meeting of the Iranian president and the prime minister of Italy.”

During the course of the meeting of the senior officials of the two funds, Dr. Mohammad Saei Naeini, the economic deputy of the NDF said: “the Iranian agriculture economy at present is in need of introduction of the modern irrigation technologies with emphasis on reduction in water waste and enhancing productivity; therefore the projects of the Italian companies can be attractive.”

The NDF’s economic deputy added: “export development in the agriculture and industrial sectors are the main strategies of Iran to expand its international activities in the post-sanction era and hence, the proposed projects by the Italian side can be studied and mulled over. “

Elsewhere in the meeting, Mr. Masoud Mozayyani, the foreign investment deputy of the NDF said: “ as the first step, we should consider and study the proposals according to a time schedule enabling the two sides to choose the lucrative projects for the next step and then enter in the implementation phase. “

He expressed hope that two sides prioritize the study of the joint two-billion USD fund investment scheme and finalize it prior to the historic visit of the authorities of the two countries.


  • bilateral talks between Iran and Italy to form an investment fund of  2 billion $

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