Tuesday, October 26, 2021
To Save Next Generations’ Shares: NDF Partakes in Macro and Economic Projects To Save Next Generations’ Shares: NDF Partakes in Macro and Economic Projects
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National Development Fund of Iran, following one of its main strategies to preserve the next generations shares and change of national resources into productive capital, is planning to take part in domestic macro and economic projects, says a report released by NDF Public Relations Department.

According to the report, the Summit and Exhibition on Investment Opportunities and Development of Energy Sectors in Free and Economic Trade Zones (IFEEX 2021) were held in Kish Island with the aim of helping the growth of the national economy, strengthening interactions and creating a complementary relationship between energy sectors and free and special economic zones and Dr. Abolhasani, Member of NDF Executive Board and Vice-president of NDF Economic Affairs highlighted NDF plans in IFEEX 2021 opening ceremony. 

The Petroleum Industry, as the driving force of national economy, has been playing a significant role in realization of macro goals of national economy set out in Iran’s 20-year Vision Plan for many years, and as regards the NDF effective role in conversion of oil revenues to durable, sustainable, and economically productive wealth and saving next generations’ shares, NDF, facing serious challenges, has managed to take effective steps towards growth and progress in the path to national economic prosperity, adds the report.

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