Sunday, April 3, 2022
The latest ranking of Sovereign wealth Funds The latest ranking of Sovereign wealth Funds
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According to the Public Relations of the National Development Fund of Iran, there are currently 27 Sovereign Wealth funds in the Middle East with total assets under management of $ 3.621tn.

In terms of assets under management of SWFs, China ranks first among other SWFs, with six Sovereign Wealth Funds and total AUM of more than $ 3tn. Norway came in second with two Sovereign Wealth Funds with total assets of $ 1.442tn, and Abu Dhabi came in third with four Sovereign Wealth Funds & total assets of $ 1,266tn.

In terms of the number of Sovereign Wealth Funds, the United States leads with 23 funds and a total of $ 319 billion, followed by China with 6, and Australia with 5 and total AUM of $ 356 billion in third place.