Thursday, May 18, 2023
Using buyer's credit, the National Development Fund operates in the sphere of international financing Using buyer's credit, the National Development Fund operates in the sphere of international financing
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According to the National Development Fund's public relations report, Hossein Eyvazlou stated in the specialized investment panel at the National Development Fund's third conference: "For the past two years, the new team of the National Development Fund's Board of Directors has been looking for domestic investment while preserving the value in the sense of " Mana Rial" so that the foreign currency is appraised and does not lose its value when converted into rials."

The National Development Fund's vice president of foreign investment stated: "In the field of foreign investment, we have the necessary laws and regulations, as well as the necessary permits to enter the field of foreign investment, and in connection with the world's national wealth funds, including ECO and ..., we follow this matter."

In reference to the fund's operations in the sphere of foreign finance via buyer's credit, "Eyvazlou" added:

In this procedure, funds are deposited with domestic banks on the credit of the foreign client, and a brokerage relationship is established between the domestic bank and the foreign bank.

He continued by mentioning the recent conference of West African nations that took place in Tehran, saying: "We are happy that Mr. Ouattara Tamakolo, the honorable ambassador of Ivory Coast, is present here. There were good interactions between the National Development Fund and the African countries at this conference, in which we began our cooperation with "Ivory Coast" in the first pilot."

In the subsequent discussion on this panel, the ambassador of the Ivory Coast stated that African nations are progressing and occupy a favorable position in the global economy. Regrettably, he added that while foreign investors from the United States, Europe, and China are highly represented in African nations, Iran has yet to appear. Given Iran's superior capabilities, this position should be noticed.

He continued, mentioning the 45-year-old positive connection between Iran and Ivory Coast: The economic relations between Iran and Ivory Coast are positive, and economic exchanges between the two nations can be expanded, which will facilitate the establishment of relations with other African countries.

Ouattara Tamakolo claimed that the economic growth in the majority of African nations was greater than 5% and said:

A good environment for investment exists in African nations' agricultural and mining industries. A sufficient infrastructure has also been established in the fields of transportation, automobiles, and building.

In the continuation of this panel, Vahid Mahmoudi, counsel to the chairman of the board of directors of the National Development Fund, reported on the words of GSWF CEO Diego Lopez, who spoke at the outset of this panel: Mr. Lopez's words indicate the growing trend of assets under the management of the world's national wealth funds, as this figure has increased from 3.7 trillion dollars in 2008 to 12 trillion dollars in 2022, demonstrating that the funds have a special place in countries' economies, with each fulfilling its own mission.

In reference to the National Wealth Fund's investment portfolio diversity, he further stated that variations exist in each fund's portfolio based on their respective strategies and objectives.

Adviser to the Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Development Fund stated that 18,000 people work directly in the funds worldwide, and he added: According to Lopez, the National Development Fund of Iran has also taken positive steps in the areas of governance, stability, and resistance.