Tuesday, May 23, 2023
A new mechanism for the National Development Fund in the 7th Development Plan A new mechanism for the National Development Fund in the 7th Development Plan
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Ehsan Khandozi, the economic spokesman of the government, in a press conference with reporters regarding the government's short-term and medium-term economic plans, in response to a question about the status of the National Development Fund, stated on Khordad 2, 1402 (2023   May  23) according to the National Development Fund's public relations report: of a total of approximately 150 billion from the first day of the establishment of the National Development Fund until today, 100 billion have been disbursed  under the title of facilities in the past governments. With the explanation that facilities are also included in the fund's assets.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance viewed the 7th Development Plan as a turning point for improving the National Development Fund's future process and stated that the 13th government will implement three measures to improve the National Development Fund's situation. In other words, the government should reduce the number of withdrawals and facilities by controlling its budget. The government should take steps to return the facilities that have been given over the years but should have been returned. In this regard, a sizeable portion of the debt owed by other economic sectors to the National Development Fund must be repaid. In the 7th development plan, a new mechanism for the fund should be considered so that this harm is avoided. I hope that detailed information will be provided after the program mechanism is finalized