Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Creating Wealth in an Inevitable Path Creating Wealth in an Inevitable Path
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Goldman Sachs, known as the world's largest investment bank, has predicted that global investment in artificial intelligence will exceed $200 billion by 2025, in less than two years.

Artificial intelligence is growing at such an amazing speed that all industries and businesses have come to the prevailing belief that if they delay connecting their future path with artificial intelligence there won't be a bright future awaiting them. This is why artificial intelligence has become a priority for major global investors, including wealth funds. Despite this huge potential, the world is still at the beginning of this journey and AI-related investment is climbing from a relatively low starting point and will take at least a few years to make its main impact on the economy. At present, America and China, as the largest economies in the world, are the main investors in this field, and other countries are also trying to participate in this large and rapidly growing market with Investments, and hunting new opportunities as they arise to connect themselves with this new found field.

Although from 2020 to 2023 the process of attracting funds to the field of artificial intelligence has been a little slow. But investors have reached a higher adaptation to this new opportunity and probably in the second half of this decade we will be faced with an early adaptation of this field by tech giants, and an explosion of investment in the field of artificial intelligence. many examples can be given to better understand the explosive atmosphere of investment in the field of artificial intelligence. One such example would be Russia. Russia has raised $2 billion for artificial intelligence research. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has raised $2 billion worth of money from foreign investors to help domestic companies in artificial intelligence research. These Russian companies in question are developing artificial intelligence solutions that can meet future business needs; At the same time, another example that cannot be ignored is Microsoft's new $1 billion investment at the beginning of this year, which focuses on building a platform that will create new AI technologies and improve general artificial intelligence.

This bright and growing perspective from the point of view of wealth funds is also not out of sight of the strongest and smartest investors in the world. funds such as the National Wealth Fund of Norway, the Singapore Wealth Fund, and the wealth funds of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region, have entered this investment seriously and with operational intent. As we can see today, Norway's National Wealth Fund, as the world's largest wealth fund with the highest rate of profitable investments, emphasizes that it will significantly increase investment in artificial intelligence. Of course, as profitability improves, the funds will adopt such a strategy thanks to technological developments. Norway's sovereign wealth fund has made a profit of $143 billion in the first half of 2023, as a result of its investments in technology stocks, particularly in the hot field of artificial intelligence.

Another example of this future growing market can be seen in the new investment of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund. This fund has just launched a $250 million investment in artificial intelligence. Qatar Wealth Fund has invested in an artificial intelligence development company in London that helps users and businesses create the software they need by taking advantage of artificial intelligence capabilities. Qatar Fund's investment in this startup unicorn has increased its value to one billion dollars.

From a holistic point of view, artificial intelligence investment is expected to focus on four key business sectors: companies that train and develop artificial intelligence models, those that provide infrastructure (such as data centers) for the implementation of artificial intelligence applications, companies that develop software for software Implementation of artificial intelligence, and the end-users of organizations who provide software and cloud infrastructure services. Therefore, it is obvious that the path for entry of the National Development Fund and investment in artificial intelligence is defined as the following four titles; An inevitable path that will undoubtedly lead to the creation of wealth and lasting and lasting revenues for the National Development Fund of Iran.

In the end, and as a summary of the topics discussed, it is not bad to mention one of the newest polls on why artificial intelligence requires investment. The poll, conducted by Wisdomtree one of the most prominent analysts in financial markets, shows that professional investors in Europe see artificial intelligence as the most convincing topic for long -term investment. A survey of the statistical population has been conducted by more than 800 professional investor consultants across Europe responsible for managing about four trillion euros of assets. Most of these people have an optimistic perspective on investing in the field of technology, especially artificial intelligence.