Sunday, May 12, 2013
NDFI resources hit 49.6 billion dollars NDFI resources hit 49.6 billion dollars
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Taking into consideration the 14.7 billion dollars of oil and gas revenues transferred to the NDFI accounts, its total assets exceed $49.6 billion.

President of NDFI, talking in a press conference, said: every Iranian has 700 dollars to be invested in productive projects and if the current trend continues, the share of every Iranian from the NDFI resources shall exceed 6500 dollars, reflecting a prosperous future on the horizon for the future generations.

He called all the resources of NDFI as National Wealth and ensured all the practitioners of role of NDFI as an anchor for the economic fluctuations of the country.

He added: NDFI will place the country on the highway towards development and emphasized the good relations between NDFI and some well known international monetary and financial bodies and entities.

Referring to the enhancement of transparency index of NDFI, he expressed hope that in terms of transparency rating, the Fund stand among the top 10 SWFs in near future.

Farzin highlighted the talks between NDFI with IDB, IMF and WB on improving mutual and multilateral relations and wished for better cooperation among them.

On domestic projects he said: for 342 macro-scale projects from different sectors, 18.7 billion dollars has been earmarked by the end of 1391 (March 20. 2013) among them are agriculture, industry and mines, housing and construction and transportation. The resources have been disbursed to projects in all provinces across the country, of which 303 billion dollars to petrochemical industry, 2.3 billion to power plants, 7 billion to upstream petroleum projects, 1.8 billion to steel, 467 million dollar to cement and 2.2 billion to other sectors.

He added: 156000 jobs have been created and the resources could solve the problem of working capital of plenty of the SMEs.