Sunday, November 10, 2013
Collaboration of National Development Fund of Iran with OPEC Fund for International Development and Islamic Development Bank ( IDB ) Collaboration of National Development Fund of Iran with OPEC Fund for International Development and Islamic Development Bank ( IDB )
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On the sideline of the first NDFI international conference on sovereign wealth, asset allocation and risk management, NDFI agreed to corporate with OFID and IDB group .

Dr. Mohammad Mazraati chairman of the conference mentioned that professionals from Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Japan participated in this conference. He said: asset management and different allocation schemes of NDFI resources , observing standards , risk management , and experiences of other sovereign wealth funds were the main topics of this conference .

He added that through collaboration with ICD in investment Funds and syndicated financing of projects around the world, an annual return of 10 to 12 percent could be achieved .

The chairman of scientific committee said : NDFI tried to have lowest risk with acceptable return rate in investments and continued : NDFI resources return is targeted between 4 to 6 percent and it is a good rate due to international standards .

Based on him : The conference guests and professional have the potential and will to help NDFI in achieving its investment goals.

The conference scientific committee chairman announced that nets conference will be held in 2015 a day after the annual meeting of IFSWF. He added that Iran hosts the IFSWF annual meeting in 2015.

NDFI first international conference in Kish island terminated last week .

Minister of petroleum , minister of economic affairs and finance , governor of Central Bank , some MPs, two former NDFI chairmen of board of executive directors , deputy of foreign currency of Central Bank of Iran and some managing directors of banks attended the conference .

In this international conference Dr. Khaled Mohamad Al-Aboodi – CEO and General manager of ICD , Mr. Mohamad Adnan Nadar Al-Midani –Manager of equity investment division of IDB , Mr. Amir Asad Hedayati – Treasury manager of IDB , Mr. Saeid Niazi, Assistant Director-General, department of financial operations of OFID,

Mr. Tareq A. Alnassar head of the private sector operations of OFID

Mr. Raed M B Abdul Rahman OFID treasurer, Dr. Jalal Ashayeri professor of Tilburg University, Bernardo Bortolotti, Director, Sovereign Investment Lab – Paolo Baffi Centre in Università Bocconi and Università degli Studi di Torino, Dr. Lo Turco Celeste Cecilia

senior researcher for the SWF LAW CENTER, Dr. Joerge Spitzy – Senior research analyst of OPEC, Dr. Friedbert Pfluger – director of European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) , Prof. Dr. Willem Van Groenendaal- Tilburg School of Economics and Management , Mr. Farrukh Habib – research officer at International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Financing among other experts and professional and CEO of commercial bank made their speeches.