Sunday, November 17, 2013
Meeting with IMF delegates Meeting with IMF delegates
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Two Executive Directors and the deputy of International Investments and Operations met with the IMF representatives in Tehran on Nov 03, 2013.

While praising the quality and role of the newly held NDFI international conference, Mr. Cerisola the IMF delegation head also expressed his interests in being better acquainted with the approaches of the new Iranian authorities as well as NDFI processes. Mr. Hosseini the ED and deputy chairman briefed the representatives on the operations and lending terms of NDFI while noting the opportunities in funding of foreign companies that purchase Iranian goods. With regards to the presence of the Fund in international markets he added that NDFI has been constituted with the main purpose of investing in different asset classes in foreign money and capital markets, although due to sanctions and current circumstances these operations have not extended as the fund has aimed.

Mr. Hosseini and Mr. Mazraati, the foreign investment deputy, both stated that the main objectives of NDFI are in line with macro and national policies of the government at large and this is evidence of the tendency to expand international operations and upon resolution or relaxation of sanction disputes the fund will eagerly attempt to take its role as a major international player first in the region and consequently globally.

The parties agreed to have closer cooperation and the IMF party offered to provide any technical assistance required once requested by NDFI.