Sunday, November 17, 2013
NDFI President Talks with Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran:  NDFI- GPFG could enhance FDI and Economic Relations of the Two Countries NDFI President Talks with Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran: NDFI- GPFG could enhance FDI and Economic Relations of the Two Countries
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eyed Safdar Hosseini, NDFI President met Jens-petter Kjemprud, ambassador of Norway to Tehran. The two sides agreed to take practical measures for cooperation among the national Funds of the two countries.

Hosseini appreciated Ministry of Finance of Norway for hosting the fifth annual meeting of IFSWF and invited the Norwegian professionals to attend the seventh annual meeting of IFSWF in Iran in 2015. The meeting will be a day before the second NDFI International Conference (NIC2015) in which practitioners and academicians share their thoughts.

He regarded Government Pension Fund-Global as a very successful fund and asked for transfer of knowledge and experience. He expressed hope that cooperation of the two funds enhances the economic relations of the countries.

He explained NDFI structure, assets, investments and legal framework and said NDFI is ready to make investments in money and capital markets of Norway and Europe, co-finance projects and exchange experience with GPFG.

Jens-petter Kjemprud praised NDFI for its achievements during sanctions and described diversified portfolio of Norway Fund. He expressed hope that by relaxing sanctions in near future, the Norwegian companies use the opportunity and invest in Iran’s vast market, particularly in oil sector. Based on him, Iran has made good progress in certain technologies but regarding oil industry, Norwegian companies could be very helpful for transfer of technology for oil extraction. He also announced that relevant people from Norway will definitely participate in IFSWF and NDFI 2015 event in Iran.

He added that change is not made overnight and the two sides should take steps just now and some Norwegian companies have already started communicating with their Iranian counterparts. He welcomed NDFI cooperation with GPFG in Joint Ventures, co-financing and all other types of investment in Norway and Europe.

Dr. Hosseini elaborated on investment opportunities in Iran and the incentives for foreign investors, including the NDFI facilities, up to 70% of the project. All Norwegian investors could benefit from NDFI loans for their investments in Iran.

The two sides were optimistic about the outcome of Geneva negotiations and considered it excellent opportunity for Iran and the whole world.