Tuesday, December 10, 2013
NDFI President Talks with Spanish Ambassador to Tehran: Spain appropriate destination for NDFI investment NDFI President Talks with Spanish Ambassador to Tehran: Spain appropriate destination for NDFI investment
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Seyed Safdar Hosseini, NDFI President met with Pedro Villena, ambassador of Spain to Tehran. The two sides agreed to explore fields of cooperation between the two countries.
Hosseini mentioned the long history of relations of the two countries and regarded some cultural similarities, as the strong point for further cooperation. He also referred to the NDFI delegation to Spain in September and requested pursuing the agreements and taking practical steps.
President of NDFI introduced NDFI and its constant inflow of revenues and described its priorities, foreign investment facilities, structure and investment plans in foreign markets. Based on him, the two countries can have joint investments, co-finance projects; participate in syndicated loans to the projects of both countries as well as third countries. NDFI is particularly interested in financing investment projects in Spain by Iranian contractors, purchasing Spanish bonds and asked for easing business to business negotiations.
Pedro Villena expressed hope that by relaxing sanctions in near future, the Spanish and Iranian practitioners take the opportunity and enhance their activities. He talked about the very negative impacts of global crisis and gave some figures about unemployment and negative growth rate and added that the trend is reversing and Spain experienced a positive growth in the third quarter of 2013. The forecasts show a surplus in current accounts of 2014. But the country still seeks foreign investment and NDFI can act as a good source of funds for Spanish businesses.
As he said, the global crisis led to a collapse of real estate prices in 2008 and in that market some good opportunities are available for investors, so NDFI can benefit from the low prices both to make profit and help Spanish markets revive.
He added that the Foreign Investment Act of Spain has amended some two years ago and incentives and protection of foreign investment has been embedded in the law. The labor force is quite inexpensive and other measures have been taken to enhance investment in Spain.
The two sides exchanged views about Spanish bonds, rates of return, dispatching delegations to Spain, trade of Iranian Saffron and other matters of interest.
Mr. Ghasem Hosseini, the Chairman deputy  was also in the meeting and explained the meetings he had in Spain and the results of which.
The two sides expressed hope that by relaxing of the sanctions, the economic, trade and banking relations increase and both nations benefit the opportunities.