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NDF Finances Four Kerman-based Industrial Projects

  • 13 November 2021
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NDF Finances Four Kerman-based Industrial Projects

EX Member visited industrial projects financed by NDF FX resources in his trip to Kerman Province.

EX Board Member Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi visited NDF-financed industrial projects in his trip to Kerman Province, NDF Public Relations Department reported.

According to a report released by NDF Public Relations Department, the opening ceremony of Butia Iranian Steel Project was held in Kerman Province attended by Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi NDF Vice-president in Credit and Banking Affairs and Member of Executive Board. In opening speech of the ceremony, Bank Pasargad Managing Director Dr. Ghasemi, issuing the order of project operation start, expressed his immense gratitude for NDF outstanding contributions and support, adds the report.

The smelting and casting section of Butia Iranian Steel Plant (BISCO), with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of steel ingots and directly increasing national steel ingots production, is the second unit to be put into operation after the 2.5-million-ton Pelletizing Plant of the complex, financed by National Development Fund. Currently, the two projects of Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 450 MW and a Direct Recovery Plant with a capacity of 2 million tons per year are being completed by NDF resources, estimated to be amounting to 849 million USD.

During his trip to Kerman Province, NDF Vice-president and EB member also visited various sections of Sirjan Iranian Direct Recovery and Steel Complex (Bardsir), with a capacity of one million tons, which has been financed by $ 146 million from NDF resources, NDF Public Relations Department reports. Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi also visited "Babak Mes Iranian Copper Pipe Factory”, which is operating with $ 68 million of credit and direct investment funded by National Development Fund. Using the latest technology of Draw and Cast Method, the factory, with an annual capacity of 12,000 tons, has been able to have an effective share in copper production and market development, aiming at increasing market share in the region.

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