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NDF to Preserve Next Generations’ Wealth

  • 21 November 2021
  • 11:11
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NDF to Preserve Next Generations’ Wealth

Banks are expected to believe in NDF as a fund to preserve the next generations’ wealth.

NDF Executive Board President Dr. Ghazanfari expressed his gratitude to all banks for their proper cooperation with NDF and underlined the fund’s role in preservation of the next generations’ wealth.

According to a report released by NDF Public Relations Department, expressing his appreciation for the banks’ contribution and support to the fund, NDF President stated: “Levels of cooperation between NDF and the banks are so broad and inclusive and the fund’s FX/Rial resources are allocated to non-public investors through two forms of depositing and agent mode”.

Asking few of the banks to take serious measures for repayment of their matured dues to the fund, Dr. Ghazanfari stated that the banks should consider NDF resources as valuable as other resources with them and they are expected to consider the fund as an entity in charge of preserving the next generations’ wealth, although their problems with customers in collecting their claims should be heard as well, the report adds.

He continued: “NDF, with its new management, is determined to collect past-due debts using all possible legal means”. He then recommended the banks two strategies to improve their performance: proper institutionalization to insure fluctuation of foreign currency price or allocation of resources to projects producing export-based products to guarantee FX income.

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