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NDF to Invest in Knowledge Enterprises

  • 20 April 2022
  • 11:48
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NDF to Invest in Knowledge Enterprises

“NDF's investment in macro Knowledge-based Enterprise is a must.”, says NDF Executive Board Ghazanfari in an online speech.

According to a report released by NDF Public Relations Department, expressing the fact that future belongs to Knowledge-based Enterprises, NDF EB President says: “National Development Fund must leave its traditional methods behind and make investment in Knowledge-based Enterprises because of the valuable stocks of many of these companies”.


In his online meeting, Ghazanfari adds: “NDF investment in Knowledge-based Enterprises is the password for sustainability of NDF capital for future generation and not only does the Fund support them but it would plan to enter such a field of investment aimed at contributing to growth of Knowledge and Technology, Knowledge-based Enterprises, and Science and Technology Parks.

Stressing on the need to open an office in NDF and employing competent advisors for investment in low-risk Knowledge-based Enterprises, Ghazanfari believes that realization of such a plan would create significant profits for NDF, which is a fund for future generation”, says the report released by NDF Public Relations Department. 

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