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Ghazanfari Congratulates Persian New Year

Building the future of our precious Homeland.

  • 20 April 2022
  • 11:50
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Building the future of our precious Homeland.

We are on the verge of changing our approach to build the future of our precious homeland, says Dr. Ghazanfari in his 1401 Persian New Year message.

According to NDF Public Relations Department, in his message on the occasion of Persian New Year 1401, NDF Executive Board Ghazanfari writes:


“Consolidation of oil revenues to turn them into sustainable wealth, productive assets and economically generative capital; this is the most comprehensive definition for National Development Fund, a definition, whose strategic element and core is foresight and a future-looking attitude.


Having such a great goal, NDF is at a historic juncture today; a juncture to change our approach to build the future of our precious homeland. Undoubtedly, blocking the Fund’s sources to flow into the sea of current and daily costs of the country and directing them to productive and sustainable projects as well as the growth of the Fund’s assets concurrent with national economic growth would enlighten the future of our children, bringing about a bright and brighter future, and help every single Iranian pay their debts to the future of Iran.


Clarification of functions and concept of National Development Fund, as a wealth for future generation, is the first step on this path, which seems rather difficult but profitable and future-making. We start the New Year with such an approach in mind. May it be a turning point, an outstanding evolution in our spending attitudes and the way through which we channel our national sources towards construction and prosperity of Iran in upcoming days.

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